A Different World Theme Song Lyrics

A Different World was ranked number 20 in TV Guide’s 50 greatest television shows of all time. The show had a great impact on society, and it is considered as one of the most popular TV shows of all time.

The theme song to A Different World was performed by Phoebe Snow and Aretha Franklin. The show caught the attention of many people, and it was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1988.

A Different World Theme Song And Lyrics

A Different World was a special type of show. It did not try to be something that it was not. It is about the college experience for African Americans and other minorities. Foremost, I love Phoebe Snow’s theme song. The opening credits are also very fascinating. The cast is also excellent.

In my opinion, “A Different World” is one of the best shows to ever grace television. I loved everything about it — the cast, the direction, the music.

This show makes me laugh, but it also makes me think about serious issues such as race and gender discrimination in higher education institutions like colleges and universities.

A Different World Lyrics

I know my parents love me,
Stand behind me come what may.
I know now that I’m ready,
Because I finally heard them say
It’s a different world than where you come from

Here’s a chance to make it,
If we focus on our goals.
If you dish it we can take it,
Just remember you’ve been told
It’s a different world,
It’s a different world,
Than where you come from
Than where you come from

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