Dawson’s Creek Theme Song Lyrics


The song is “I Don’t Want to Wait” by American artist Paula Cole. If you are not a nineties kid, she also sang the very popular “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” song (wait, that was a 90s song as well). Anyway, both songs were from her 1996 release This Fire (which my sister also has). As previously linked, “I Don’t Want to Wait” is, of course, also part of the official soundtrack—Songs From Dawson’s Creek.

I guess it’s also relevant to note that two Dawson’s Creek soundtracks were released. Songs From Dawson’s Creek Volume 2 included songs like “Crazy For This Girl” by Evan and Jaron and “If I Am” by Nine Days, among others, but “I Don’t Want to Wait” was already dropped.

Wait! Internationally, Jan Arden’s “Run Like Mad” was used for the opening song in season one. The same theme was also used in some DVD versions of seasons 3-6. However, it wasn’t included in any of the soundtracks.

Below is the original opening sequence taken from season one.

Dawson’s Creek lyrics (“I Don’t Want to Wait”)

I don’t want to wait

For our lives to be over

I want to know right now

What will it be

I don’t want to wait

For our lives to be over

Will it be yes, or will it be


So open up your morning light

And say a little prayer for right

You know that if we are to stay alive

And see the love in every eye.

Below is the Jan Arden “Run Like Mad” opening.

Jan Arden, “Run Like Mad” opening

Dawson’s Creek Song lyrics (“Run Like Mad”)

My heart is in my hands

My head is in the clouds

My feet have left the ground

My life is turning around and round.

Every voice inside my head is telling me to run like mad

Oh, bows and arrows

Stars and sunsets

Hey hey hey yeah

Hey hey hey yeah

Every heartbeat, every kiss just

Makes me wonder what all this is

Suits of armor

Hearts and arrows

Hey hey hey yeah.

I don’t want to wait! If you like this theme song, please tell me! Your heart is in my hands because you will hear another theme song. I know that doesn’t make sense, but see you in the next one.