In The Heat Of The Night Theme Song Lyrics

Implicit in the concept is that a racially diverse team can work together successfully in solving crimes.

The film’s Oscar-winning theme song “In The Heat Of The Night”, written by Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton.

The show earned eight Emmy Awards, one Golden Globe Award, and four NAACP Image Awards.

In The Heat Of The Night Theme Song And Lyrics

In the first season of “In The Heat Of The Night” (1988), Virgil Tibbs’ designation on the Sparta police force was acting chief of detectives. In season 2 (1989) he was promoted to chief of detectives and later made acting police chief when Gillespie left to run for mayor.

Subsequently, in the fourth season (1991), Virgil Tibbs was promoted to police chief when Gillespie was appointed sheriff of Sparta County following the death of Sheriff Bubba Skinner (played by Roger E. Mosley).

The show broke ground in that it was one of the first police dramas to depict a black lead character interacting with a white character who didn’t hold deep-seated racial prejudices against him (as opposed to saying Barney Miller or Get Christie Love).

Though both men are reluctant to accept their mutual respect, they gradually form a solid working partnership despite being extremely diverse for their personality and background.

In later seasons, Gillespie and Tibbs focused less on cases and more on civil rights issues counter to their beliefs. While Butler worked as Gillespie’s faithful deputy, young black cop Bubba Skinner (Geoffrey Thorne) faced prejudice from many citizens, especially those he arrested for drunk driving. Ben Taylor (Alan Autry), a former college football star who was previously hired by Gillespie as a deputy, eventually becomes chief when Gillespie retires at the end of season six.

The show lasted eight seasons: four on NBC and four on CBS.

In The Heat Of The Night Lyrics

In the Heat of the Night
I’ve got troubles wall to wall
In the Heat of the Night yeah
Must be an ending to it all hoooo

But hold on
It won’t be long
If you be strong
And it’ll be alright

In the Heat of the Night

In the Heat of the Night

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