Jonas L.A. Theme Song Lyrics


Let’s go Disney all the way today with the Jonas Brothers Theme Song!!

So, wait, let me get this straight, Jonas L.A. was originally just “Jonas”, right? However, I believe they changed the show’s name and added “L.A.” for the second season.

Watching and listening to both seasons’ openings made me realize it had the same theme song. So, in reality, this post also works out as “Jonas Theme Song“.

The theme song for the Jonas show, obviously starring the Jonas Brothers, is entitled “Live to Party”. The Jonas Brothers performed it (yes, that’s the name of their band, how clever). The writing is also credited to the three of them—Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Joe Jonas. The song is also commercially available as part of the Disney Channel Playlist album, which we first came across in a previous post.

Jonas L.A. (season 2) has an official soundtrack, but ironically it does not contain “Live to Party”. I’m still confused with the season 1 soundtrack—I read some references to it, but I couldn’t find it being sold anywhere. Will clarify this later.

Anyway, below is the opening for season one (JONAS).

Jonas Theme Song Season 1 and 2 

JONAS & Jonas L.A. theme song lyrics

I was sitting at home

Watching T.V. all alone

So tired of routines

The day goes on and on

So I pick up the phone

Call everyone I know

Said there’s gonna be a party

Hit the music here we go


We’re gonna live to party

Bust your move

Everybody’s in the groove

Tell the D.J. to play my song

Are you ready to rock n’ roll

We’re gonna live to party

Bust your move

Everybody’s in the groove

Live to party!

I just found this, and I think it looks great and sounds great!! Listen!!

Jonas L.A. Season 2 Ending

I didn’t watch this TV show, but I know these guys, and I remember a few things about this show. My brother used to watch Disney Channel almost every day after school, so I think I watched many episodes with him. Anyway, please tell me if you like the theme song. You might also like some of our other posts below if you like them. Listen to them and see you in the next one.