Maude Theme Song Lyrics

The first episode of the series was the pilot television movie titled “Maude”. The show was created by Norman Lear and was based on the British sitcom “Till Death Us Do Part” and aired from September 12,

Entourage Theme Song Lyrics

Entourage is a TV show that ran from 2004 to 2011 and is a comedy-drama. It was shown on HBO, and Doug Ellin made it. The name of the show comes from a slang word for a

In The Heat Of The Night Theme Song Lyrics

Implicit in the concept is that a racially diverse team can work together successfully in solving crimes. The film’s Oscar-winning theme song “In The Heat Of The Night”, written by Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton. The show

A Different World Theme Song Lyrics

A Different World was ranked number 20 in TV Guide’s 50 greatest television shows of all time. The show had a great impact on society, and it is considered as one of the most popular TV shows

Parenthood Theme Song Lyrics

Parenthood is great in so many ways, but it can be hard when you’re fresh out of college. In fact, the transition from college life to parenthood is so big that pop culture often portrays it as

Home Improvement Theme Song Lyrics

Here’s a funky one; 1991-1999 I really dig this tune. I remember the show, but for some reason, I didn’t quite remember the theme song and opening sequence, until that last “ooaah” dumbfounded moan of Tim Allen

Harry Potter Theme Song Lyrics

I don’t think there could be a single theme song for all the Harry Potter movies. Since every movie has its own soundtrack, the official soundtrack has eight songs. Yes, there is an official soundtrack for each