Sex And The City Theme Song Lyrics

1998–2004 This is for the television series because that is what started it all. Actually wait, no, a book started it all and actually, for the films (for the first time at least), the theme song is

Blossom Theme Song Lyrics

So, what’s up with Mayim Bialik? Actually, the last time I knew anything about him was when I watched The Big Bang Theory, but good news! This much is easy to know. Just use Google. Blossom, an

SilverHawks Theme Song Lyrics

1986 As mentioned in the ThunderCats post, SilverHawks Theme Song was a Rankin/Bass animated series, which also shares the same theme song composer—Bernard Hoffer, a Swiss composer and conductor. I believe this is him. Performers are still unknown at this

Dirty Jobs Theme Song Lyrics

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs Theme Song is entitled “We Care a Lot.” It is an old song by the band “Faith No More”, and was included in their first two albums—We Care a Lot and Introduce

Felicity Theme Song Lyrics

1998–2002 A college drama while I’m in college, what a great time to talk about Felicity Theme Song! So, first let’s see what this show is about: The series opens at Felicity’s high school graduation, where she

Moesha Theme Song Lyrics

1996–2001 It would be weird if Brandy did not sing the title song to her show. So yes, Brandy Norwood, who plays Moesha Mitchell in Moesha performed and recorded the show’s theme song. But she did not

Rizzoli & Isles Theme Song Lyrics

Angie Harmon is pretty, right? You’ll find out why the theme song for this show sounds so Irish in a bit, but the choice is strange. I mean, it doesn’t sound right from the start. Still, it’s