The Drew Carey Show Theme Song Lyrics

Don’t you just love how Drew Carey and the gang put significant effort into making a sort of “production number” for their opening credits? In my opinion, that is what’s lacking in the television shows of today.

Royal Pains Theme Song Lyrics

Let’s do USA Network shows today and talk about Royal Pains TV Show theme song video and of course lyrics, as usual. The Royal Pains has a short, but enough-for-today’s-standards, opening sequence and theme song combo. The

The Cleveland Show Theme Song Lyrics

2009–present Alright, so Cleveland is the neighbor of the Griffins from Family Guy; he is also the deli owner. The Cleveland Show Theme Song is sung entirely by Cleveland Brown, so that alone tells us the performer is

Green Acres Theme Song Lyrics

Welcome to the full lyrics for the Green Acres theme song! The theme song from Green Acres, an all-time American TV show, wasn’t “outsourced” because the theme song was written for the show. Aside from “Green Acres

Bosom Buddies Theme Song Lyrics

1980-1982 Wow, imagine Tom Hanks in a 1980s television series (he looks very young) with Boso, Buddies Theme Song!!! Bosom Buddies might well have been Tom Hanks’ big break; the show is about two men (the other

Boston Legal Theme Song Lyrics

The Boston Legal Theme Song was performed by Billy Valentine—this is supported on his site, where he answers FAQs asked by the show’s fans. He also did most of the show’s songs, together with television composer Danny

Raising Hope Theme Song Lyrics

I just saw this the other day, and I think it has promise. It does have an apt theme song, though, to say the least. Or is it just because of the song’s title? “Daddy-O” is the