The Parkers Theme Song Lyrics

1999-2004 The Parkers TV Show, or should I say Meet the Parkers, dude? We have prepared the theme song and lyrics from the Parkers TV show for you. Talking (and researching) about Moesha will lead to its

Bosch Theme Song Lyrics

So, Caught A Ghost – Can’t Let Go is the theme song for Bosch. Here you can watch a video from the TV show Bosch. The theme song for the new Amazon show Bosch comes from “Human

Blue Bloods Theme Song Lyrics

So, it’s 2021 outside, and Blue Bloods First Episode of 2020 Season 10 looks intense. Have you watched it yet? I just finished watching the first episode of Blue Bloods, and it looks interesting and quite star-studded at

Mike & Molly Theme Song Lyrics

2010 Not enough time to cover all the shows that premiered this year. I wonder how many of these will last at least two seasons. The series stars Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy as the eponymous Mike

Roseanne Theme Song Lyrics

Whoa, this show went on for so long! What happened to Roseanne Barr? I can’t believe Leonard from The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki, got his start on this show. Roseanne’s theme song is one of those

Jonas L.A. Theme Song Lyrics

2009-2010 Let’s go Disney all the way today with the Jonas Brothers Theme Song!! So, wait, let me get this straight, Jonas L.A. was originally just “Jonas”, right? However, I believe they changed the show’s name and added

Covert Affairs Theme Song Lyrics

2010-present I had better get a head start on this. Covert Affairs is a new series on the USA Network starring Piper Perabo. Nice. I’m about three episodes in—I started just the other day via suggestion—and yes, it