Jersey Shore Theme Song Lyrics

2009–present This show is just… well… dumb. Yes, offense. But that definitely will not stop us from making a buck out of it. So, let me make this quick and painless. The intro and main theme song

The Unit Theme Song Lyrics

2006–2009 Cool, fabulous show. I think it kinda fell apart when… (no spoilers here). The theme songs for The Unit are a few more Robert Duncan creations. The first version, used in the first and second season, is

Dawson’s Creek Theme Song Lyrics

1998–2003 The song is “I Don’t Want to Wait” by American artist Paula Cole. If you are not a nineties kid, she also sang the very popular “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” song (wait, that was

The Wire Theme Song Lyrics

2002–2008 I really like the idea behind the theme song for this one. If you really liked The Wire, you would know that the theme song was sung by a different group or artist in each season.

Big Love Theme Song Lyrics

The Big Love Theme Song for seasons 1-3 is “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys. In season 4, it became “Home” by the band Engineers. See below for lyrics and video sequences. It stars Bill Paxton

Wonder Pets Theme Song Lyrics

2006–present The phone is ringing, right? The opening/intro/main theme song for Wonder Pets is officially entitled “The Wonder Pets!” The voices stay the same so that you could say the likes of Sofie Zamchick, the voice for Linny,

Damages Theme Song Lyrics

2007-present I heart Rose Byrne. Damages Theme Song is entitled “When I Am Through with You.” It was performed by a Hollywood-based alternative rock band called The V.L.A. Nothing much is known about this band, but they have