Community Theme Song Lyrics

2009–present Community is a show that didn’t start out being very funny. Either I got used to it or it got funnier as the episodes went on. I’ve heard the line “I can’t count the reasons I

The Apprentice Theme Song Lyrics

The very apt theme song for The Apprentice—the one that goes “money, money, money” is officially entitled “For the Love of Money.” It was performed and recorded by Ohio-based Philadelphia soul group The O’Jays. The song was

Who’s the Boss Theme Song Lyrics

1984–1992 Information regarding Who’s the Boss? Theme Song is relatively common knowledge, but I aim to present it to you straightforwardly. Alright, so let’s start, the title of the theme song is “Brand New Life”. Martin Cohan

Shameless Theme Song Lyrics

Are you looking for music from shameless? Below, you can find the lyrics for the luck you got (by the high-strung), which is used as the intro song for the American version of the TV show shameless

Step by Step Theme Song Lyrics

Let’s complete all Jesse Frederick theme songs, shall we? This is the last. By the way, I just found out that these shows associated with Jesse Frederick are known as “Miller-Boyett sitcoms.” Shows developed and produced by

The King of Queens Theme Song Lyrics

The theme song for The King of Queens is beautiful and fits the show perfectly. “Baby, All My Life I Will Be Driving Home to You” is the name of the song, which was written by American

Suits Theme Song Lyrics

Suits is a USA Network legal drama starring industry veterans Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. Now to the Suits Theme Song. The original song is entitled “Greenback Boogie” and is by the Los Angeles-based band Ima