Roseanne Theme Song Lyrics

Whoa, this show went on for so long! What happened to Roseanne Barr? I can’t believe Leonard from The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki, got his start on this show.
Roseanne’s theme song is one of those original songs that doesn’t have a name, so people just call it “Show-name Theme.” It was written by W.G. “Snuffy” Walden, whose work we have heard before in the themes for My So-Called Life and Hawthorne. I think, though, that the theme song was also written by Dan Foliart and Howard Pearl.

We all know that the “Roseanne Theme” is mostly instrumental, with the main melody played by a saxophone by itself. In the ninth and last seasons, though, the theme turned into a full-fledged song with words. The basic melody was still there, though.

The blues band Blues Traveler played the theme song, with lyrics and their signature distorted harmonica. John Popper, who is the lead singer of the band Blues Traveler, sang the song.

Roseanne Opening and Closing Credits

The opening and closing credits and theme song from the hit show “Roseanne.” A great deal of songs is yet to come. Tell us about your preferences.


Below are the lyrics.

Roseanne Lyrics

 (Roseanne Season 9 Theme Song)

If what doesn’t kill us is making us stronger,

We’re gonna last longer

Than that greatest wall in China

Or that rabbit with the drum

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned

While waiting for my turn,

It’s that in each life, some rain falls

But you also get some sun

And we’ll make out better than okay

Hear what I say

Hey, any day.

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Big Love Theme Song

I’m pretty sure the series did not release an official soundtrack. However, the theme song is available from some T.V. theme song compilations like this one.

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