SilverHawks Theme Song Lyrics


As mentioned in the ThunderCats post, SilverHawks Theme Song was a Rankin/Bass animated series, which also shares the same theme song composer—Bernard Hoffer, a Swiss composer and conductor. I believe this is him.

Performers are still unknown at this point. A bionic policeman called Commander Stargazer recruited the SilverHawks, heroes who are “partly metal, partly real,” to fight the evil Mon*Star, an escaped alien mob boss who transforms into an enormous armor-plated creature thanks to Limbo’s Moonstar.

SilverHawks theme song lyrics

Wings of silver, nerves of steel (Silverhawks!)
Partly metal, partly real (Silverhawks!)
Soaring through the highway of the heavens in their flight
Silverhawks, a rainbow in the night!

Wings of silver, nerves of steel (Silverhawks!)
Partly metal, partly real (Silverhawks!)

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SilverHawks Theme Song

Because I know you liked let’s listen to these covers I found, enjoy them cx

Silverhawks Opening Theme (Metal Cover)

This one is in Spanish but WOW! I love it! Listen:

SilverHawks Intro – Los Halcones Galácticos Cover Latino!

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